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Ipsy Bag Review || February 2016


Hi loves,

I have been subscribed to Ipsy for a little over two years now, and have been loving getting these monthly beauty bags- it’s like Christmas every month! And it’s even better because I got my mom to subscribe several months back, so now we can compare bags and swap products with each other. So, this month is the February bag, obviously, and the theme was Pretty in Pink.

So, the products that came in this month’s Ipsy bag are: Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in I’m Kind of a Big Deal, Perfectly Posh BFF daily face wash, Naked Cosmetic mica pigment, Smashbox Cosmetics photo finish primer oil, and Vintage sparkling lipgloss in Pink Sequin.

At first glance, I was only excited about the Smashbox primer oil, because, I mean, that’s a pretty pricey brand, and getting a sample product from them is convenient because you can try it out instead of buying the full size and having to return it if you do not like it. I have tried this product out several times, and so far I am enjoying it. It is keeping my skin a little more hydrated and smooth, but I am interested to see if any of their claims are actually true.

Like I said, I was not too excited about any of the other products in this month’s bag, mainly because both of the makeup products were WAY to shimmery for me, and for the skin care product, I am very picky with what I exfoliate my face with because I have had issues with facial washes from Ipsy in the past. When testing out the Naked Cosmetics pigment, in shade Sierra Nevada #02, I could instantly tell that I was going to have issues with it, mainly because loose pigments= messy disaster. The color itself is nice and can be toned down with matte colors, but it is too shimmery- at least for my liking. The with the lipgloss, I felt the same way as I do about the pigment, way to shimmery for my liking. At first glance you can see that there is pretty large glitter flakes for it being a gloss- but, again, this is probably just my taste.

With the skincare product, I tested it out on my hand first, just to see how it reacts with my skin, and so far I have liked it. It has peppermint and aloe vera infused in it, so it smells nice and does not dry out my skin, and the micro-beads that are in it for exfoliating are not harsh on my skin and leave it feeling nice and smooth.

The last product in my bag is the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish. This is the second nail polish that I have received from them, and while I do like the formula, I do not really like the color, but again, that is just because I am not a huge fan of pink, but I do love that it is a creamy matte formula.

When calculating the value of this months bag, and I came up with a grand total of: $36.21

Smashbox Primer Oil: $5.46

Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment: ~$7.50

Vintage Liplgoss: ~$3.00

Perfectly Posh BFF daily face wash: $5.25

Trust Fund Beauty nail polish: $15.00

So, altogether the value of my bag this month is roughly three times the price of the subscription, nothing to complain about there! I will leave the link to ipsy down below if you are interested in joining as well, and I hope you guys have an amazing day!






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