Spring Beauty Trends || 2016

Hi loves,

Spring has finally sprung! If you live on the East coast like I do then you know how warm it has been recently. I have been so excited for this weather to get here because I could feel myself slipping into that winter hibernation like slump!

As we all know, with the changing of the season also comes new beauty trends! The ones that I am listing are the ones that I have either tried out or am excited to try.

Starting off with hair, there have been two trends that I have been seeing a lot recently and have also been doing myself: boxer braids and the “man” bun. Lets start with the man bun trend/ half up bun: I originally put it in quotes because the girls are taking this trend back! It basically is just putting the top layer of your hair and creating a bun at the top of your head. I usually do this for second/third day hair because my top layer always seems to get frizzy or the style does not last, so putting it up in a bun and leaving the rest down and styled makes my life so much easier, and it looks so relaxed and low-key! The second trend are boxer braids: this trend has been one that I have been hesitating to try because I just think pigtails, but I tried this hairstyle out on my last shopping excursion, and I honestly loved it. It is an effortless way to look together and it’s a no fuss style because the messier it gets, the cuter it looks.

From hair to makeup. I love looking for new makeup trends because, lets be honest, who doesn’t love experimenting with  makeup? The three trends that I have tried out are: peach/pink eyes, bronzed skin and dramatic lashes. I usually aim for long lashes in general, but now I have been trying new techniques to make them seem longer without having to use fake lashes. For bronzed skin, I have just been using my bronzer that I have on hand, and the one I have been grabbing for is the Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Summertime- not as dark as it seems online, it is more of a medium shade- which has a nice shimmer to it and creates a nice sheen on the skin without looking like glitter was dumped all over you. The last makeup trend that I have tried out was the peach/pink eye shadow. Like the boxer braids, I get PTSD when I think of these shades on my eyes because I just remember middle school and experimenting with bright colors- which is also why I will never, repeat never, wear blue eye shadow anymore. So I tried this trend in a more subtle way, which was by balancing out Tarte’s blush in Mirage- Blissful is a similar dupe- on the lid with Nooner and Factory from Urban Decay in the crease. It created a surprisingly bright as well as smoky eye look and will be recreating it all the time!

The last makeup trend that I have yet to try is candy apple red lips. Red lips are a huge statement in themselves, and being that I am in college- where no makeup and sweat pants are common- wearing bright red lips is pretty intimidating. I will probably try it out when I am out an about and do not have to go to class, but when I do try it out, I will update and let you all know!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments and do not forget to follow me for more posts!




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