Top 5 Spring Lipsticks || High-End Edition

Hi loves,

I made myself sit down and sift through all of my lipsticks to find 5 of my favorite lipsticks for the spring season and narrowed it down to: Nars Rikugien, Clinique Black Honey, Marc Jacobs Headliner, MAC Kinda Sexy and MAC Creme Cup.

I love Rikugien and Creme Cup because they are subtle spring colors for the days that I want to wear lipstick but do not want it make such a bold statement. Creme Cup is a Cremesheen, which means that they have more of a glossy finish to it, which you can see in the swatch, while Rikugien has more of a satin finish- which just means it is not quite as shiny. They are both perfect for soft makeup looks and I think compliment a wide variety of skin tones. I usually wear this when I am going shopping or just grabbing coffee or lunch with friends.

Kinda Sexy is a matte lipstick which for the days where I want my lips to be the center of attention- for lack of a better term- without having to use a pop of color. This lipstick helps make my lips look more plump, especially when paired with MAC’s Whirl lip liner. I usually use this lip combo if I am going out, and because it is a matte finish, it lasts all night long!

Black Honey looks extremely intimidating in the tube, mainly because it looks black, but it actually has an extremely sheer, lip balm finish to it, and I know what most of you are thinking, Taylor, that is not a traditional spring lip color, and I completely agree, but with living on the East Coast, we still get those pretty chilly days and rainy days when it is grey outside, which is where this comes in. It is the perfect “pop” of color for those kind of occasions- and is also my go to sheer lipstick in the fall, but shh, don’t tell spring!

Last but not least is Headliner, which I would call a semi-matte. This is my go to lip color when I want a bright statement lip. It is a beautiful magenta color and lasts FOREVER- I still have a line from it when I swatched it on my arm. I am slightly obsessed with this color and need to invest in more of Marc Jacobs’ Kiss Pop range.

I hope that this post helped you discover some new products or have helped you decide to buy them if you were on the fence before! Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling me your favorite spring lipstick and any suggestions you want for upcoming posts!



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