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Mini Makeup Haul || February 2017


Hi loves!

So, I went shopping recently-when am I not shopping actually? But today I decided to share what I got with you all! I am going to come back in 2 weeks to give you all an update of these products and tell you if they worked or did not!

So my first stop was CVS, which I have been frequently visiting since of the coupons and savings that they offer- I highly recommend signing up for their ExtraCare card and the beauty program! From here I got, well, a lot of stuff- which a majority is from Wet n’ Wild now that I am looking at it.

Firstly, I bought yet another highlighter from their To Reflect Shimmer Palette in the shade Boozy Brunch. At first glance I was skeptical about purchasing this, but Tati, from YouTube, has been raving about it so I figured I should try it.

Next, since Wet n’ Wild was having a BOGO sale, I just had to get a few more products, so i got another blush that has been raved about on YouTube. It is their Color Icon blush in Apri-cot In the Middle.

If you know me well, you know that I cannot go without looking at the lippies that CVS is offering, so I first found these new gel lip liners that I have been seeing everywhere online, but have been sold out wherever I go. Well, I finally got my hands on them and instead of buying out all of the colors that I’d be practical and only get the ones that I would be wearing in the spring. So I got Never Petal Down and Think Flamingo. 

Finally from Wet n’ Wild, I got some new liquid lipsticks. This is from yet another new line called the Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks. I got three shades in this- I already own Rebel Rose– bringing my collection of these to four. The shade I got were Berry Recognize, Give Me Mocha and Nudist Peach. I forgot that I was going by store, so the shade at the bottom is actually a cream lip stain from Sephora in Pink Frosting (#37), which is definitely my kind of lip color!

The last thing that I got from the drugstore was from a new line by e.l.f. which is called Aqua Beauty. I figured it was interesting enough, plus it’s e.l.f. so it’s cheap, so I bought their Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold. I really want to try their lip stains from this line next!

Next, I went to Sephora, which I think I spent an hour looking through all the aisles because I had some free time in between classes. I went there looking for skincare items, mainly because Rachhloves, from YouTube, got the whole new range of Urban Decay sprays to try out, and the Quick Fix Hyrdracharged spray looked the most interesting. I got it in the 1 oz travel size a) just in case I didn’t like it, and b) it’ll take forever to get through a full-size product. I also purchased a Clinique set, primarily for the Pep-Start eye cream. Unfortunately, I think that you can only purchase this particular set in-stores.


Okay! Now we’re done. I hope that you guys enjoyed this and don’t forget to come back in two weeks for an update post! Leave in the comments if you have tried any of these products or if you have any suggestions on new products that I should try!




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