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Mini Makeup Haul UPDATE || February 2017


Hi Loves,

So a little over two weeks ago I put up a mini makeup haul and said that I would come back and let you all know how I felt about these products. Well, I’m back and I have my opinions, so let’s get started!

I’ll go in order of the original post so it will be easier to follow along!

Okay, up first is Wet n’ Wild’s highlighter in Boozy Brunch. This highlighter seriously packs a punch in it’s pigmentation, and the fact that it is $5 makes it untouchable compared to other high end brands! The only things that I have to say about this product is that those of us who are fair skinned- like I am right now…gotta love the winter- this will come off more yellow toned on the skin and that it also is little too glittery for my taste.

Next is Wet n’ Wild’s Icon Blush in Apri-cot In the Middle. I was pleasantly surprised with this blush in the fact that it did not come off too orange on my skin, instead, giving a nice peachy flush to my cheeks. I have no complaints about this and think that it will suite a wide variety of skin tones! Plus, it’s under $5, who could go wrong with that?

Sticking with the Wet n’ Wild theme, we have their gel lip liners up next. Like almost everything else that Wet n’ Wild comes out with, these are extremely pigmented and go on the lips SO smoothly. The website claims that they are supposed to last for days, which is ambitious, but this liner does stay on very well for having such a smooth finish to it.

And finishing out the Wet n’ Wild portion of this update, we have the matte liquid lipsticks. These are one of my new holy grail lip products, they are amazing! They go on smoothly, are highly pigmented and do not dry out my lips- which is a major issue with some other lippies that I have. The color range for these is awesome as well, and these are also $5 a piece. Literally cannot go wrong!

The next product up for review is Sephora’s cream lip stain in Pink Frosting. This product is another one of my holy grail’s because of the lasting power and because of the color. I am obsessed with any cool/gray toned mauve lip colors- basically 90’s grunge- and this is the perfect color for that. These are a little bit more than double the price of the Megalast lippies from Wet n’ Wild, but if you are willing to sacrifice the price difference, you will be open to just under 60 different colors in this range- that’s right, SIXTY! Definitely a good compromise to me.

Up next is the only eye-shadow product that I bought, which is surprising, even for me, and it is from e.l.f’s new Aqua Beauty line. I have to say, I was not setting the bar high for this product because I have had items like this before and have had issues with creasing and the lasting power, but this is amazing. I have been pairing this underneath a Maybelline eye-shadow single in Nude Glow, which is another rose gold shade, and this makes the perfect spring look!

Okay, moving onto skin products, I mushed them all together in my original post, so let’s see how this goes. First, I’ll start with the Urban Decay setting spray in Quick Fix. I got the travel sized, which is pretty big, because I was not sure if I was going to like it or not, so it is better to be safe than sorry. This product claims to hydrate the skin, minimize pores and give an overall glowy look to the skin. I personally did not see any of that happening with this product, which was really disappointing because I had such high hopes for it. I do want to try it out again during the summer because I have really dry skin during the Winter, so the hydration aspect probably wasn’t what my skin needed right now- but keep a lookout when the warmer months start rolling around, because this might make another appearance! Next is the trio from Clinique, which contained a the Chubby mascara, Pep Start eye cream and Take Off the Day Makeup Remover. I will say that I purchased this trio mainly for the eye cream, which oddly enough, was my least favorite part of the trio. I did not see a huge difference in the appearance of my under eyes after almost three weeks of using this besides it becoming a little more hydrated- which is appreciated but not the main reason why I bought it. Next is the Chubby mascara, which I was least excited about and ended up loving! This mascara is perfect for lengthening and giving a little bit of volume to the lashes, I definitely would recommend this mascara. Okay, last but not least is the makeup remover, which I did end up liking aside from the fact that it left an oily residue on my skin. As a funny side note, this remover took off my waterproof Better Than Sex mascara more easily than it did regular mascaras!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products out!






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