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Mini Makeup Haul UPDATE || February 2017


Hi Loves,

So a little over two weeks ago I put up a mini makeup haul and said that I would come back and let you all know how I felt about these products. Well, I’m back and I have my opinions, so let’s get started!

I’ll go in order of the original post so it will be easier to follow along!

Okay, up first is Wet n’ Wild’s highlighter in Boozy Brunch. This highlighter seriously packs a punch in it’s pigmentation, and the fact that it is $5 makes it untouchable compared to other high end brands! The only things that I have to say about this product is that those of us who are fair skinned- like I am right now…gotta love the winter- this will come off more yellow toned on the skin and that it also is little too glittery for my taste.

Next is Wet n’ Wild’s Icon Blush in Apri-cot In the Middle. I was pleasantly surprised with this blush in the fact that it did not come off too orange on my skin, instead, giving a nice peachy flush to my cheeks. I have no complaints about this and think that it will suite a wide variety of skin tones! Plus, it’s under $5, who could go wrong with that?

Sticking with the Wet n’ Wild theme, we have their gel lip liners up next. Like almost everything else that Wet n’ Wild comes out with, these are extremely pigmented and go on the lips SO smoothly. The website claims that they are supposed to last for days, which is ambitious, but this liner does stay on very well for having such a smooth finish to it.

And finishing out the Wet n’ Wild portion of this update, we have the matte liquid lipsticks. These are one of my new holy grail lip products, they are amazing! They go on smoothly, are highly pigmented and do not dry out my lips- which is a major issue with some other lippies that I have. The color range for these is awesome as well, and these are also $5 a piece. Literally cannot go wrong!

The next product up for review is Sephora’s cream lip stain in Pink Frosting. This product is another one of my holy grail’s because of the lasting power and because of the color. I am obsessed with any cool/gray toned mauve lip colors- basically 90’s grunge- and this is the perfect color for that. These are a little bit more than double the price of the Megalast lippies from Wet n’ Wild, but if you are willing to sacrifice the price difference, you will be open to just under 60 different colors in this range- that’s right, SIXTY! Definitely a good compromise to me.

Up next is the only eye-shadow product that I bought, which is surprising, even for me, and it is from e.l.f’s new Aqua Beauty line. I have to say, I was not setting the bar high for this product because I have had items like this before and have had issues with creasing and the lasting power, but this is amazing. I have been pairing this underneath a Maybelline eye-shadow single in Nude Glow, which is another rose gold shade, and this makes the perfect spring look!

Okay, moving onto skin products, I mushed them all together in my original post, so let’s see how this goes. First, I’ll start with the Urban Decay setting spray in Quick Fix. I got the travel sized, which is pretty big, because I was not sure if I was going to like it or not, so it is better to be safe than sorry. This product claims to hydrate the skin, minimize pores and give an overall glowy look to the skin. I personally did not see any of that happening with this product, which was really disappointing because I had such high hopes for it. I do want to try it out again during the summer because I have really dry skin during the Winter, so the hydration aspect probably wasn’t what my skin needed right now- but keep a lookout when the warmer months start rolling around, because this might make another appearance! Next is the trio from Clinique, which contained a the Chubby mascara, Pep Start eye cream and Take Off the Day Makeup Remover. I will say that I purchased this trio mainly for the eye cream, which oddly enough, was my least favorite part of the trio. I did not see a huge difference in the appearance of my under eyes after almost three weeks of using this besides it becoming a little more hydrated- which is appreciated but not the main reason why I bought it. Next is the Chubby mascara, which I was least excited about and ended up loving! This mascara is perfect for lengthening and giving a little bit of volume to the lashes, I definitely would recommend this mascara. Okay, last but not least is the makeup remover, which I did end up liking aside from the fact that it left an oily residue on my skin. As a funny side note, this remover took off my waterproof Better Than Sex mascara more easily than it did regular mascaras!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products out!





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Mini Makeup Haul || February 2017


Hi loves!

So, I went shopping recently-when am I not shopping actually? But today I decided to share what I got with you all! I am going to come back in 2 weeks to give you all an update of these products and tell you if they worked or did not!

So my first stop was CVS, which I have been frequently visiting since of the coupons and savings that they offer- I highly recommend signing up for their ExtraCare card and the beauty program! From here I got, well, a lot of stuff- which a majority is from Wet n’ Wild now that I am looking at it.

Firstly, I bought yet another highlighter from their To Reflect Shimmer Palette in the shade Boozy Brunch. At first glance I was skeptical about purchasing this, but Tati, from YouTube, has been raving about it so I figured I should try it.

Next, since Wet n’ Wild was having a BOGO sale, I just had to get a few more products, so i got another blush that has been raved about on YouTube. It is their Color Icon blush in Apri-cot In the Middle.

If you know me well, you know that I cannot go without looking at the lippies that CVS is offering, so I first found these new gel lip liners that I have been seeing everywhere online, but have been sold out wherever I go. Well, I finally got my hands on them and instead of buying out all of the colors that I’d be practical and only get the ones that I would be wearing in the spring. So I got Never Petal Down and Think Flamingo. 

Finally from Wet n’ Wild, I got some new liquid lipsticks. This is from yet another new line called the Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks. I got three shades in this- I already own Rebel Rose– bringing my collection of these to four. The shade I got were Berry Recognize, Give Me Mocha and Nudist Peach. I forgot that I was going by store, so the shade at the bottom is actually a cream lip stain from Sephora in Pink Frosting (#37), which is definitely my kind of lip color!

The last thing that I got from the drugstore was from a new line by e.l.f. which is called Aqua Beauty. I figured it was interesting enough, plus it’s e.l.f. so it’s cheap, so I bought their Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold. I really want to try their lip stains from this line next!

Next, I went to Sephora, which I think I spent an hour looking through all the aisles because I had some free time in between classes. I went there looking for skincare items, mainly because Rachhloves, from YouTube, got the whole new range of Urban Decay sprays to try out, and the Quick Fix Hyrdracharged spray looked the most interesting. I got it in the 1 oz travel size a) just in case I didn’t like it, and b) it’ll take forever to get through a full-size product. I also purchased a Clinique set, primarily for the Pep-Start eye cream. Unfortunately, I think that you can only purchase this particular set in-stores.


Okay! Now we’re done. I hope that you guys enjoyed this and don’t forget to come back in two weeks for an update post! Leave in the comments if you have tried any of these products or if you have any suggestions on new products that I should try!



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Hits and Misses || Liquid Lipsticks


Hi loves!

I’m back at it again with another lippie post! This one is all about my favorite finish- matte! I have a decent collection of liquid lipsticks and have encountered the good and the down right bad, and to save you all from the trouble of testing out these products for yourself, I am going to share my findings. And as a disclaimer, just because I don’t like a product doesn’t mean that it is bad, it just did not work the way that it should have!



LORAC Liquid Lipstick

This is a fairly new lipstick that I have added into my collection, and I must say that I am really impressed with it. I have the shade Mulberry, which I must say, is the perfect berry fall shade! I won’t say too much more about this product right now because I raved about it in my Fall Favorites post, which I will link here.

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick

Like the LORAC lipstick, I only have one shade of this, which is in Queen B, but I really love this product’s formula. It’s long lasting and does not smudge. I knew that I would love this product because I am a big fan of their OG melted lipsticks, so a matte formula could only be better, right? I am definitely planning on getting more from this line in the near future.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I discovered these towards the end of the summer and have accumulated five of them so far. These stay true to their name in the fact that they give a soft finish and are not drying. Having said that, they are more likely to move and transfer, but their formula is amazing and, I mean, they’re drugstore so they are well worth the money!

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks

I think I have an obsession with NYX’s lipstick lines because they are killing it! I first discovered the Suede line in the late spring thanks to my ipsy bag- click here if you are interested in it! Both my mother and I received these products- I got Pink Lust and my mom got Kitten Heels. After I tried out mine, I knew that I needed more from this line, so I went out and purchased Soft-Spoken. After all this time, I will say that I am still obsessed with them, and need to buy more seasonal colors!

Wet n’ Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color

O.M.G. if you want all day wear, look no further. This is another recent purchase and I am hooked! Now, I know what you all must be thinking-because I thought it too- and that is how good can this product possibly be? It’s under $5…Well, this product kicks the butt of all of my high-end one’s put together. The lasting power on this is ridiculous. I tested it on the back of my hand and it dried within 5 minutes and lasted through several hand washing’s as well as doing dishes, and the real kicker is that it had to scrub the back of my hand with makeup remover, and there was STILL remnants of it there! I got the only one with no micro-glitter in it, so that is the only downside of this line, at least for me, because I usually stay away from products with glitter in them- so to Wet n’ Wild, if you ever see this, PLEASE make more without glitter in them!

Kylie Cosmetics

At first I was not on board with the whole Kylie Cosmetics ban wagon, but once I saw the shade Leo, I knew that I must take the plunge at least this once; and I’m glad I did. This shade is the perfect deep burgundy color, perfect for the fall and winter season. The one thing that I will say about this product is that it is a little tricky in application. I tried using it without the lipliner- but with a clear primer lipliner instead and it was disastrous. Once I started playing around with it though, I found that lining my lips with the liner, either just on the outer portions to get the shape or filling in completely, and then applying the liquid lipstick to the center portion of your lips worked out the best and gave the best results!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

I am OBSESSED with the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks! I have the shades Outlaw, which is a brick-red, and Bow n’ Arrow, which is a warm toned nude. Theses lipsticks last through literally everything- except hot soup, which I learned the hard way- and have little to no transfer! I would purchase these over everything else!




Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip color 

Okay, I’ll start by saying that I love this brand and an assortment of their products. The issue that I have with this line is that they do not dry matte, which is extremely frustrating when it is clearly advertised in big bold letter on the packaging. I bought these with a deal from CVS because I saw matte and was like, yes please, more makeup to play with. I think that I was so excited it opened them in my car while in the parking lot and tested them on the back of my hand. I immediately knew what was going to happen because I could tell from the formula that they were not going to dry, like, at all. As a point of reference, it takes about 7 minutes for me to drive home from my local CVS, and I had my hand sticking out the window the entire time, but they did not dry at all. I then went online and found a mixture of reviews, some having the same issues that I did, and others saying that they were great, so I don’t know if there was a whole batch of duds, and I just happened to get two of those, or what. I will still use them as a glossy liquid lipstick, because they are good for that, but they are not even close to being matte, which lands them in my misses category.

Rimmel London Matte Lip Velvet

Here’s another brand that I usually have no problems with, but man, this product was not good. I got this product probably over a year ago, tried it once and put it in the back of my lipstick drawer. When compiling my lists for this post I did a dry test on the back of my hand, and this product did not dry at all. Now, I wouldn’t mind that because I could use it as a glossy lipstick, like I will with the Revlon ones, but the formula of this product is just awful as well. It is thin and streaky and the shade looks nothing like it does in the tube, so three strikes and this product is out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and that it helped any of you deciding to get a product or not! Leave in the comments below your favorite liquid lipsticks!



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Fall Beauty Favorites || 2016


Hi Loves,

Can anyone believe that it is the middle of October already?! I usually don’t like to use cliche’s but time is seriously flying by this year! I am currently sitting in the reading nook in my room cuddled up in a blanket, drinking tea and have a BUNCH of my fall candles lit- and let me tell you, I could not be happier! Fall is seriously my favorite time of the year, and living in the north on the East Coast, I get it in full effect. With the season change, brings along a new assortment of beauty products to discover and experiment with and I have made a list of the ones that I have found so far that I cannot go a day without using! So, cuddle up with a warm drink and a cozy blanket and lets get started!

NYX Micro Brow Pencil

I have finally gone out and gotten a new mechanical brow pencil, and am extremely happy with this one from NYX. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love my Anastasia palmade, but I have been using that since like February- and have barely made a dent, may I add- so I just wanted to change it up. I really like this brow pencil in the fact that it is so much quicker than the palmade and that the tip stays nice a pointy so I can really create the look of hair instead of it getting muddled up like the ones that need to be sharpened. The one negative, and it really isn’t about the product itself either, thing I have to say is that the color selection kinda sucks. Most of their brow products are warm toned, and my hair/brows are cool toned so I need one with an ashy finish, and I could only find one- Ash Brown. Now, that could just be the selection from my store, but it is the one negative thing that I have to say about the line.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

Let me tell you, this mascara is a game changer for me! I received this mascara as a travel size in my ipsy bag last month- let me know in the comments if you want to see what is in my October bag, I just got it today- and I was really skeptical at first, because I have tried another mascara from them before and all it did was flake off my lashes and did not give them any length or volume or curl. I am happy to say though, that I am pleasantly surprised with this mascara though, which makes the name fitting because it surpassed anything I could have imagined. Let me give you guys a point of reference on how obsessed I am with this mascara- you know I could not go without my Maybelline Lash Sensation mascara and have been using it for like a year now, well, now I think it sucks when compared to the IT Cosmetics one, which is saying a LOT. I still like my Maybelline one, but it does not do nearly as much for my lashes.

LORAC Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry 

O.M.G. I have found my perfect fall shade. Mulberry is a mid-tone berry color and I am obsessed! I have loved LORAC for a long time and was really disappointed when Sephora stopped selling it, but as I was walking around Kohl’s with my mom, I just happened upon the makeup counter- and when I say happened upon, we all know that I mean I basically made a run for it- and I saw LORAC’s full line of liquid lipsticks. I only got one, which shows huge restraint on my part, because I was not sure how the formula was and if it would be worth getting a bunch of them and have them end up sucking- which reminds me, I am in the midst of writing a post on my Hits and Misses for liquid lipsticks, so keep a lookout for that. I tested it out right when I got home, like any makeup obsessed person does, and it dried within 5 minutes of application to the back of my hand and barely moved when I washed my hands- and I mean like scrubbing, not the dainty running water over it and saying Ta-Da! it didn’t move! like, no really? The one thing that I have to say though, is that it is REALLY drying on my lips. I was not expecting that, so I applied a thin layer of balm over top and it was fine, but I’m going to play with it more because I want a matte finish, just without the cracks from my lips drying up.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Okay guys, I know that plump lips are in this year and that a lot of people are getting temporary lip fillers, but this way is so much easier and cheaper! Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have plump lips when I wake up, but I don’t like pain and it’s so costly to maintain. This product has really changed the lip game for me though. It moisturizes and plumps my lip so nicely that I don’t know how I have gone this long without knowing about this product! It does have some controversial reviews on it, but I am here to debunk them, just in case any of you have looked into this product, but have been scared away. I am fully aware of the fact that not all people have the same skin sensitivity and reaction to products, but these are some reviews that I have seen and not experienced for myself. The first one being that it leaves a red ring around your lips after application- now, I will say that it does make your lips turn red, but that is only temporary. If you read the details section on Sephora it says right there that it promotes blood flow to the lips, so yes, they are going to turn red for a few minutes. I apply this when I am starting my makeup routine, and by the time I am done, my lips are back to their normal shade, so like 10 minutes, give or take. The second is that the sting is unbearable- The first time I applied it, I was not ready for the sting that it did have, but once you know that it is coming, it is not bad, I swear, and it only lasts for less than 5 minutes. The last is that it doesn’t even work- I think that some people need to realize that this is an enhancer, it is not meant to increase your lip size like getting lip fillers does. I really love this product and will be repurchasing it when I run out.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Commander in Chic

You guys, I have been wearing this nail polish for like the past 2 months straight! It is a cool toned brown, and I can’t get enough, it is literally the perfect fall color. I am even more happy with the lasting power that it has. My nails chip like no other and polishes barely last for more than a day or two before they start chipping away, but this has lasted me for like a week without the signs of chipping or wearing out at the tip- which does not sound that impressive, but with my wrap-sheet of nail polish disasters, this is a miracle. I use the Miracle Gel top coat from Sally Hansen over it for an extra boost of protection, and with that duo, I am set for the rest of the of the fall season!

Urban Decay Naked Palette 

I have been getting back into this palette as the temperature has begun to go down. I have been really obsessed with putting Buck, which is an orangey brown matte, in my crease and dragging it up. I just think that this palette gives the perfect fall vibes because of all the rich, warm toned colors in it.

Yves Saint Laurent Perfume in Black Opium

I have has this perfume for a little under a year, but I am as obsessed with it as I was when I first smelled it- which I can give thanks to my suite-mate! It is such a warn and sexy smell, that I literally cannot get enough of it. I got it in the smallest bottle because I did not know how it was going to react with my skin, but MY GOD, it smells amazing. When I run out I am seriously considering getting the full size, or at least the next size up! This is the perfect perfume to wear all day in the fall and winter, where as I would have only worn it at night in the spring and summer. If you have not yet smelled this perfume, then get your butt’s to a Sephora; you will thank me later!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my current fall favorites! Give this post a like if you guys are as excited about this season as I am, and for more fall related posts! Leave in the comments below some of your favorites for the season as well!




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Top 10 Fall Lipstick || Fall 2016

Hi loves!

Fall is here, which means that it is time to break out the chunky sweaters, PSL’s, and vampy lips! To kick off my first fall post, I am going to share with you all my favorite fall lipsticks: 

As you can see, I have a wide variety of colors in the fall that I like to choose from. Firstly, there are the dark burgundy colors: Don’t be a Plum-Plum from Wet n’ Wild, Transylvania from NYX and Leo from Kylie Cosmetics- all of which are matte. I LOVE my dark lips, but mainly only use them when I a going out at night. All of these are extremely long lasting colors, which is great especially since you do not want to be constantly checking for smudges or streaks all night! 

The next two colors- Rico Mauve  from Wet n’ Wild & Copenhagen from NYX- are my favorite berry colored lipsticks for the fall season. Rico Mauve is a lip stain and is very moisturizing, but sheer, whereas Copenhagen is from the soft matte line from NYX. 

Now onto my two favorite brown toned lipsticks, which are both from MAC.  The first one I purchased off of a wholesale website and it did not come with the name of the lipstick, but regardless it is y absolute favorite brown lipstick that I own;  it has a nice shine on it which makes me believe that it is a creme sheen, and it had the signature vanilla smell, so you can’t go wrong with that. The next color is MACs Kinda Sexy, which is from their matte line. I like pairing this with their lip liner in Whirl to have the perfect dark nude lip combo for the fall- fun fact: this was Kylie Jenner’s favorite combo back in 2014! 

Finally, there are the last three “stand alone” colors- Queen B from Too Faced, Made You Pink from Wet n’ Wild and Elizabeth from NYX. Queen B is my ultimate cool toned matte lipstick. I usually wear this shade when I am going for a more neutral makeup look. Next is Made You Pink, which is a warm-toned lip stain. I typically use this when I am running out the door but want a hint of color on my lips, but nothing that required high maintenance. The last product is new one for me, in the fact that I am just getting back into wearing lip glosses again. This is NYX’s lip injection plumping lip gloss. This is the only shade that I really liked from that line, mainy because it is the only gloss without containing any micro-glitter in it. I use this when I feel like having a nice “juicy” looking lip.

I hope that you all liked this post and feel free to leave any recommendations for future posts in the comments as well as your own favorite lip products for the fall! 


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NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick || First Impression Friday

Hi loves,

I am starting a new mini series on here called First Impression Friday, inspired by the amazing Casey Holmes on YouTube. So what this is, is just me reviewing new products every week or every other week, giving you all the low down on how I feel about them, their price ranges, lasting power, formulation…stuff like that!

The kickoff for this series is going to be on NYX’s liquid suede lipstick, as I am sure you all know from reading the title! As a side note, I did receive this product through my Ipsy bag, that I pay for myself, and if you are interested in seeing what else I got in my monthly bag, click here and it will bring you to that post!

This product claims that it glides on and sets matte with a velvety soft and waterproof finish. The recommended way to apply this product is to start from the center and work your way outward- also, that it should be paired with NYX’s lip color remover, or any heavy-duty makeup remover, because the lasting power is ridiculous. There are 12 unique shades of lipsticks in this range- I own Pink Lust and Kitten Heels– and they retail for $6.99.

So, I have only tried out Pink Lust, because it seems most appropriate with the season-Kitten Heels looks likes a fall/winter lip color- and I have to say that it is amazing. The formula is incredible, nice and smooth with bright pigmentation. I usually am skeptical when it comes to liquid to matte lipsticks because my lips are usually on the dry side to start with, but the formula of this did not overly dry out my lips- I am going to try it out next time by applying a lip balm right before I put the lipstick on to see if there is a difference. When applying it, I wiped all the excess product off the applicator so it wouldn’t be too thick, and basically outlined my lips with it first, like a lip liner, and then filled the center in- I find that it is easier for me to apply all liquid lipsticks that way. While it was not streaky, it did take like 30 minutes for the color to go from the tacky state into a full matte finish, but the pigmentation did not fade. It didn’t smudge throughout the day, even with eating/drinking, and even at the end of the day I had a hard time scrubbing it off my lips, but it is not rub proof- I know, weird right? The only time color transferred was when I rubbed my lips with my finger.

I can see this product lasting a LONG time because you need so little of it to get the pigmentation, and the fact that they are only $7 makes them that much better. I think it is safe to say that I will be buying the rest of the range because I am obsessed with them!

I hope you found this post helpful if you were on the fence with buying this product! Feel free to leave requests in the comments!



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Ipsy Bag Review || March 2016


Hi loves,

I’m here again with another Ipsy bag review! This is the March bag, which had the theme Hello, Spring. The bag itself is extremely cute, so I was pretty excited to open it and see the products. So inside this month’s bag, I received five items, a loose powder brush, argon oil, eye shadow, blush duo and a liquid cream lipstick.

So the first item that I received was the loose powder brush from Me me me. I have used this for blending in powder when I bake under my eyes, and to powder my T-zone. The brush is not extremely dense, which I usually like for powder brushes, but it is really nice quality and soft, and so far it has not started to shed. I will be trying this out in the future to see if it can be a multipurpose brush, like apply blush, bronze my face, things like that.

Next, we have the argon oil blow dry cream from Marc Anthony- side note: I am already OBSESSED with this brand, so I highly recommend checking it out. Now, I usually do not blow dry my hair, on the count that it usually makes me look like a lion with very poofy hair. What I have been using it for though is after I get out of the shower, I run it through my damp hair because it is supposed to get rid of frizz and maintain smoothness for up to three days! I have liked this product using it the way that I do, and find that it does eliminate frizz.

The eye shadow that I received was from the brand Vera Mona, which I have never heard of before, until now. I have started to incorporated it in my makeup routine when I wear eye shadow, and found that it has a really nice color pay off. I got the shade Clover, which is perfect for the spring season because it is a pink/peach mix, which I mentioned in my Spring Beauty Trends post. I can see myself using this throughout the spring and into summer, and I may try it out as a blush in the future.

The next product that I have is the Pixi blush duo in Rose Gold. The concept behind the color was nice, and I was really excited to try it, but the color pay off was not there- it barely showed up on my skin. I am going to try it out with a few different brushed to try and find the one that works the best, but as of now, I am not overly impressed.

The last product in the bag was the one that I was most excited about, which is the NYX liquid suede cream lipstick. The color in the tube looked perfect for the spring, and I was pumped that it was a suede finish, because I love matte lipsticks- plus it is full sized, which is always awesome. The shade that I got was in Pink Lust and my mom got Kitten Heels, which is a red shade, which I am excited about for the fall/winter season. For more information on this product you guys will have to wait for Friday’s post, which is going to be a First Impression on this product!

When calculating the value of this months bag, and I came up with a grand total of: $45.25

Me me me Loose Powder Brush: $14.00

Marc Anthony Argon Oil Cream: $2.25

Vera Mona Eye shadow: $4.00

Pixi Blush Duo: $18.00

NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick: $7.00

This month, the value of the bag was over four times the cost of the subscription, which is amazing! But more than that, most of these products are ones that I can see myself repurchasing in the future!

I hope you guys liked this post, and don’t forget to follow me to get updates on when I post new content!




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Ipsy Bag Review || February 2016


Hi loves,

I have been subscribed to Ipsy for a little over two years now, and have been loving getting these monthly beauty bags- it’s like Christmas every month! And it’s even better because I got my mom to subscribe several months back, so now we can compare bags and swap products with each other. So, this month is the February bag, obviously, and the theme was Pretty in Pink.

So, the products that came in this month’s Ipsy bag are: Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in I’m Kind of a Big Deal, Perfectly Posh BFF daily face wash, Naked Cosmetic mica pigment, Smashbox Cosmetics photo finish primer oil, and Vintage sparkling lipgloss in Pink Sequin.

At first glance, I was only excited about the Smashbox primer oil, because, I mean, that’s a pretty pricey brand, and getting a sample product from them is convenient because you can try it out instead of buying the full size and having to return it if you do not like it. I have tried this product out several times, and so far I am enjoying it. It is keeping my skin a little more hydrated and smooth, but I am interested to see if any of their claims are actually true.

Like I said, I was not too excited about any of the other products in this month’s bag, mainly because both of the makeup products were WAY to shimmery for me, and for the skin care product, I am very picky with what I exfoliate my face with because I have had issues with facial washes from Ipsy in the past. When testing out the Naked Cosmetics pigment, in shade Sierra Nevada #02, I could instantly tell that I was going to have issues with it, mainly because loose pigments= messy disaster. The color itself is nice and can be toned down with matte colors, but it is too shimmery- at least for my liking. The with the lipgloss, I felt the same way as I do about the pigment, way to shimmery for my liking. At first glance you can see that there is pretty large glitter flakes for it being a gloss- but, again, this is probably just my taste.

With the skincare product, I tested it out on my hand first, just to see how it reacts with my skin, and so far I have liked it. It has peppermint and aloe vera infused in it, so it smells nice and does not dry out my skin, and the micro-beads that are in it for exfoliating are not harsh on my skin and leave it feeling nice and smooth.

The last product in my bag is the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish. This is the second nail polish that I have received from them, and while I do like the formula, I do not really like the color, but again, that is just because I am not a huge fan of pink, but I do love that it is a creamy matte formula.

When calculating the value of this months bag, and I came up with a grand total of: $36.21

Smashbox Primer Oil: $5.46

Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment: ~$7.50

Vintage Liplgoss: ~$3.00

Perfectly Posh BFF daily face wash: $5.25

Trust Fund Beauty nail polish: $15.00

So, altogether the value of my bag this month is roughly three times the price of the subscription, nothing to complain about there! I will leave the link to ipsy down below if you are interested in joining as well, and I hope you guys have an amazing day!